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In the early spring of 1977, a steering committee for the Independent Insurance Adjusters Association was formed in Barrie. The intent was that the members of the Committee would examine the feasibility of forming a Chapter, either independently, or affiliated with the Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association.

The first meeting was held March 24, 1977 and it was decided at that time that it would be more advantageous to remain affiliated with the OIAA. This enabled an autonomous organization for us, while continuing to enjoy the benefits that the affiliation with the OIAA would continue to bring.

A meeting was then arranged on March 31, 1977 with Mr. Bruce Job, the President of the OIAA at that time to discuss the affiliation. The result of that meeting was the beginning of our chapter!

The Georgian Bay Chapter of the OIAA was underway; a planning meeting of the Committee on May 12, 1997 discussed such aspects as membership fees, Associate members, slate of officers and a date for our first general meeting, election and the Inauguration of the Chapter.

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